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Unwavering impartiality. Unmatched expertise. Absolute confidentiality.

David B. White offers unparalleled expertise in resolving legal disputes through mediation. His commitment to fairness, confidentiality, and efficiency ensures a smooth resolution process tailored to your client’s needs.

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  • Tailored solutions
  • Expert guidance
  • Skillful negotiations
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  • Exceptional service
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David White has served as a mediator and an early neutral evaluator in several of my cases. He is always well-prepared and quickly earns the trust and confidence of all parties in the process. Dave has been eminently fair, knowledgeable and highly effective in every case.
– Richard A. Lanzillo, Esq., Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C., Erie, PA

I rely on David White’s reasoned approach to mediation to resolve high-stake disputes. Fair and intuitive, Dave has done a great job of managing various emotionally charged matters to create settlement terms that were agreeable to both sides.
– Joel S. Sansone, Esq., Pittsburgh, PA

Whenever I can, I turn to Dave White to negotiate and reach fair settlements in simple and complex employment cases involving single and multiple plaintiffs. Practical and pragmatic, Dave is always prepared on the facts and law specific to each case. Above all, he is wonderful to work with and highly effective.